The Basics of Photography

There’s no denying that photography has changed dramatically over the years, and a significant part of that has to be laid at the feet of technology. Many smartphones have cameras that many semi-professional Adelaide wedding photography¬†companies would have killed for just a decade ago, and the most advanced digital cameras can rapidly shoot, auto-focus, and capture what used to be extremely hard photos to capture. Some phones even allow filters, photo editing, and more right on the phone. Add in the proliferation of picture-based social media like Pinterest and Instagram and the demand for photos is higher than ever, more are being taken than ever, and yeah, cell phones might be used more often for texting and photography than actual phone calls.

Learn the Basics
Just because most of the population can walk around with a high-quality camera doesn’t mean that they are producing high-quality photos. Learning the basic rules of photography can go a long way towards helping to improve the images that individuals take. Many YouTube videos and online tutorials talk about lighting, framing, the proper way to use filters, and how to change focus to bring specific details into focus.

Understanding even the basics can make all the difference in drastically producing pictures of a much higher quality than what people are taking beforehand.

Know What You Need
Different people are going to have very different needs when it comes to photography, and that means that when picking a camera (or camera phone) sometimes the most powerful, technical, or complex isn’t necessarily the best option. Even a basic understanding of what you are going to most often use the camera for can result in being able to pick a better option. It might be more expensive, or it might be cheaper, but getting the right camera means better pictures, whether saving for memories or Instagram or Pinterest!