Wedding Photography Cameras

Which Nikon Cameras?

Nikon D600: The D600 was my first full size. I chose it for its rise in ISO unusual at its output and its 24MP. The position “entry professional range” that this case occupied was relatively uncommon in my view of use. Currently, I use it in the second case with my lens 24-70mm F2.8. I chose two boxes to save time during ceremonies. So I cover a field of 24 to 200 mm with the use of 70-200mm on my D800.

Nikon D800: I chose to equip the D800 for its resolution and capabilities to mount in ISO. The burst was not an important criterion when buying; I preferred to focus on the definition proposed by the case: 36 MP. The latter allows me to crop and zoom in the image retouching when I’m far or when I have not had time to frame in the best way.

Nikon D3200: This recently purchased case is used on an automatic photo booth. It is very suitable for taking pictures of a studio made available.

Which Nikon Optics?

14-24mm F2.8: This lens slightly used in marriage allows me to frame very wide in town halls or churches. Also, it will enable me to highlight the architectures of different reception areas. Too, when I’m limited in place, I use it for large group photos.

24-70mm F2.8: One of my most loyal allies. The first generation 24-70MM F2.8 gives me a wide angle with a zoom start. I use it often in great depth of field by not distinguishing the background of the first.

70-200mm F2.8: The inevitable goal. Being passionate about portraiture, this telephoto lens allows me to frame people very closely to create beautiful portraits. With its opening at F2.8, I get from F4 beautiful pictures with a minimum depth of field, which allows the eye to stop on topics. The whole of my park was chosen to be effective in little light. The opening of F2.8 will enable me to work in the darkest places!