There is no secret, with the place occupied by the internet and social networks, online visibility is the most effective way to attract your potential customers. Thus, it is appropriate to create a website that presents your shots accompanied by your vision on marriage. You will only have to work by referring to directories of wedding providers, for example.

The Meeting With The Future Couple

Therefore, it will be appropriate to organize meetings with the people concerned in order to put skills and feeling to the test … It is, therefore, necessary to always show an exemplary mix of professionalism and philanthropy to seduce the interested. Remember, you are not alone in the market! So, update your book, presenting your best work, and detailing your rates (preferably a paper book, which is much more pleasant and warm to watch).

With What Equipment To Equip?

Wedding photography is an art that will require a particular concentration and will place you in extreme conditions throughout the day. You will have very little time for you and will be in high demand. Thus, to be able to respond to each situation as quickly as possible, I recommend the use of zoom lenses that offer large openings.